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 Woodland adventures. Photo by Allisa Babor.

Woodland adventures. Photo by Allisa Babor.

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"Everywhere I go
I keep falling in love with the trees
and wanting to stay
just a little bit longer."


Photographing what matters by Allisa Babor More Detours

Photographing what matters

Tips for those who wish to capture the essence of life in every image


"Never lose sight of the adventure."

More Detours is a photo, lifestyle and travel blog for those with a lust for life. This content is curated by me - Allisa Babor. Here you will find stories and photographs documenting all things travel, adventure, love, and life. You will find reflections on client work and day to day moments. You will find tips, how to's, maps to my favorite places, and life lessons from the heart.

Whether you are sitting a computer desk waiting on the weekend or ready to hop in your Jeep just to go cruise down a backroad, More Detours can provide a place for you to reflect, learn, and get inspired. If you take away one thing from this little project of mine, let it be to never lose sight of the adventure.




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